Luxury Italian Shoppes supplies the finest fashions

We import custom leather goods on your behalf

Are you searching for a leather handbag that will last? Luxury Italian Shoppes has a collection of high-end leather bags and purses imported directly from Italy. From doctors in New York City to celebrity surgeons in Los Angeles, we dress them all for success.

Feel free to ask us about our:
• Bowler bags
• Wallets
• Soft leather purses
• Two toned handbags

We supply leather goods in a variety of colors and patterns. Chances are, we have the perfect accessory for you.

Outfit Your Office in Style

You run a first-class operation, but your employees are still wearing outdated scrubs. Make a better first impression on your clients or potential patients.

Luxury Italian Shoppes is the distributor of the Pastelli brand garments produced just outside Venice to provide gorgeous looks for both men and women. Every uniform is made in Italy, so you can expect quality fabrics and unique styles.

For more details about our line of scrubs, call 269-273-5047 or email us at

We proudly provide free shipping for orders placed and shipped within the U.S. A fashion-forward office is a successful office. After all, small details make a big difference.

Slip into something a little more comfortable

Using some of the best cottons in the world, our manufacturer pieces together uniforms that are silky smooth and perfect for all-day wear. Our scrubs are ecofriendly and come with a selection of colorful accessories. If getting dressed in the morning feels like a chore, you need a taste of luxury. Our brand is preferred by surgeons and aestheticians alike. Call us at 269-273-5047 to place your order today.

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